Private Mortgage in Lower Mainland, BC

Private Mortgages

At Jas Toor, we think that everyone deserves a brighter financial future regardless of qualifications. We focus on obtaining mortgages and other loans for homeowners who conservative banks and trust organisations have denied. Please get in touch with us, and our professional team of mortgage experts will ensure that you receive the finances you require.

Why choose Jas Toor for Private Mortgages?


In the traditional sense, mortgages aren’t for everyone, and private mortgages play a role in this. Private mortgages, like standard mortgages, allow you to borrow against the equity in your property or purchase a home (if you have a large down payment). A private mortgage, unlike a standard mortgage, is handled by a lender who is ready to deal with clients who have had difficulty obtaining a traditional loan for the following reasons:

Credit problems

Traditional lenders are frequently more rigid than private loans. Leave it to us to enhance your credit if it needs it. We can assist you in utilising the equity in your house to pay off debts and restore your credit.


For self-employed people, private lenders can be a terrific choice. Entrepreneurs who make a lot of money but can’t get a typical mortgage because they don’t reveal all of their earnings to themselves or the government.

Financing temporarily

A bridge loan might be the appropriate decision if you’re buying a new house before selling your old one or need money for a short time to cover yourself while you wait for a future lump sum payoff.

Consolidation of debt

When traditional lenders realise that you’re trying to pay off debt, they feel scared, but private lenders are ready to help. At Jas Toor, we can help you take advantage of the equity you’ve built up in your house overtime to pay off unsecured creditors and lower your monthly payments significantly.

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