First Time Home Buyer

We have a mortgage for you at every stage of your life!

With access to hundreds of financing choices, we can discover the best fit for you: whether you are purchasing your first home, refinancing, being self-employed, moving up, or downsizing. 

For a hassle-free experience, contact us. Our professionals will provide you with the best deals that fit your needs.

Why should you choose Jaskaran Toor for your first home purchase?

Jas Toor can assist you in obtaining the financing you require at a rate you can afford, whether you are purchasing your first home or looking to leverage the value in your current house.

Our licensed Lower mainland mortgage broker, the BC team, works with some of the country’s most reputable lenders to discover the best financing options.

Why should a first-time homebuyer choose Jas Toor as their Mortgage Broker?

Jas Toor breaks through the jargon of one-size-fits-all mortgage conditions to provide you with a first mortgage specifically customized to your needs. We can help you choose the best terms for you, including selecting mortgage durations and options such as interest-only mortgages and bridge loans with no prepayment penalties. If you have good credit and live in a city, we can even set you up with a revolving home equity line of credit.


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