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About Us

Jas Toor is a privately licensed mortgage broker.

The JasToor’s Identity

Jaskaran Toor is here to assist you in realising your goals of owning a home or investing in real estate. Although the procedure appears to be confusing, our goal is to help our clients finance their mortgage broker  efficiently.

My goal is to provide a hassle-free client experience, from assessing your situation and choosing the right product to negotiating with lenders for the best rate. Obtaining a mortgage does not have to be a challenging experience.


Why Should You Hire a Mortgage Expert?

The mortgage broker’s goal is to identify the best package for the customer. A bank can only offer its product which may not entirely meet the client’s requirements. A mortgage broker with access to several lender categories such as banks, credit unions, monoline, and private lenders can browse various products offered by different lenders and filter out the best deal for each client case.


Jaskaran Toor’s team members continue to service customers on private mortgage investments and risk management with devotion and challenging effort. The brokerage and a few essential investors who believed in us and backed our initial private investments are responsible for our success. As a result, we endeavor to prioritize our clients’ demands.

mortgage broker

Our Record

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